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Genres: Meditation, Metaphysics, Mind and Body, Poetry, Spiritual
Tags: awareness, body, compassion, gratitude, humanity, love, meditation, metaphysics, mind, mindfulness, nature, poetry, Recommended Books, spiritual, spirituality
Publisher: Rob Taylor
Publication Year: 2018
Length: 115
ISBN: 9781999460440

Noesis may be the most thought-provoking poetry you will ever read. The poems will take readers through a transcendent journey into the substratum of our collective consciousness and boldly engage contentious spiritual, social, and political conditions commonplace in today's global community.

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About the Book

Rob Taylor’s poetry sharply captures how the widespread absence of spirituality is causative to conditions of child abuse, violence, and failures by government and religion; equally contributing to the apathy, pain, suffering, and despair infecting the human population and threatening any possibility for a harmonious existence within the species.

In contrast, many of the poems are inspirational and suggest an alternate course by which we all join in the process of mindfulness and spiritual introspection. We have an immense potential to achieve unconditional love for each other. Peace lives in this place.

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