Rob Taylor

Rob is a writer and photographer, PADI certified rescue diver, and bungee jumper. He is a California native, now living in Toronto. Rob is also a Marine Corps veteran, former law enforcement officer. and a two-time cancer survivor. Rob maintains a disciplined vegan lifestyle and adheres to an intense physical training regimen.

Over several decades, Rob has traveled to numerous countries and experienced many cultures including Japan, Okinawa, Belize, the Philippines, Mexico, England, Scotland, South Africa, the Netherlands, and Israel.

Rob’s spiritual journey began as a young child, full of questions and observations. He has participated in and examined nearly every religion and spiritual methodology. Rob is the author of The Irreducible Primary. His second book, Noesis, is in the final stages of editing.



  1. hi rob, thank you for visiting & joining my blog. I am glad that I found your blog and I love your thoughts & your fotos……you are a reall great source of wisdom. thank you for the loving kindness to share your life experience with others!

  2. It is in freedom, we meet and share as equals and as one. Your page is inviting and your lens unveils many unnoticed moments of life. I also deeply enjoy reading your poetry as my own. Thank you Rob for transparency and sensitivity that comes with it. May your heart continue his songs of beauty, love and capturing moment after moment of life that you are. Serena

    1. I did not actually live in Israel, but I have made 7 trips and spent some time there. Israel is an interesting and dynamic place, but much of the world is too….each in it’s own way. I would have to say, ultimately, that my experiences in Israel would eventually impact all of my writing.

  3. I am glad you followed my blog, as that has led me here to yours. After a few reads, I am delightfully engaged in your journey. I look forward to exploring the depth of vision and wisdom evidenced by your work. The artistry of how you communicate resonates deeply with me. Lovely to meet you…

    1. Thank you for following, Nik(?)….nice to meet you also 😉 I’m just a guy with a perspective, nothing more. Your blog is very intense and revealing. I look forward to your future writing.

  4. Hi Rob – Thanks for visiting my blog and “”liking” my poem. I just began exploring your blog and it is so profound, wise and reflective, I will need to visit again and again just to scratch the surface. You ask some age old questions that are at the very heart of our existence. That is why I see life as a journey of discovery, and not a destination.Thank you for your insights.

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