Adversarial Relationships: Pandemics, Disasters, Economic Turmoil, and Humanity

     The below excerpt from my book, The Irreducible Primary, specifically examines the dynamics of human conduct and the impact on the cause and effect structure of nature. 

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    “Nature governs in accordance with the primal law: the balance within creation is protected territory. The human being is the only species that can initiate cause-and-effect movements that are contrary to the balance of nature. The human species is the origin of chaos. Consequently, human beings are also the only species that is subject to mitigating responses from nature.

     All cause-and-effect interactions originated by the human being undergo direct examination by the primal law. Direct examination means the influencing energy that enters the cosmic “fiber-optic, ” and the form of the influencing energy (anger, hate, love, compassion) induce a corollary response. These responses are not conditions of reward or punishment; but, more precisely, the only outcomes possible per the cause-and-effect structure of the primal law. Anyone with authentic knowledge of karmic principles will understand this. Further, as to the “fiber-optic” energetics, both human-to-human and human-to-nature interplays are equally impacting.

     For the less spiritually mature, the presence of chaos only appears through the observed effects (mitigating responses from nature). In other words, the results of the chaos are apparent, but not the actual formation of the chaos. An individual must be spiritually advanced to have the sensation of and the capacity to work with and neutralize the formative energetics that produce the chaotic impact. All chaos results from the inner state of the individual and accumulates as the aggregate force of the collective. Consequently, the human species incites chaos and experiences the responses from the forces of nature, in whatever manner they materialize.

     The mitigating reactions by the forces of nature will emerge as random catastrophic “natural” events, deteriorating environmental conditions, disease, or economic turmoil. Additionally, the energetic turbulence of harsh, chaotic conditions overpowers the dynamic synergy of the human species. The result is a deterioration of humanness leading to accelerated violence, conditions of war, and an epidemic devaluation of human and all other life.

     The human-to-human and human-to-nature structure of causal phenomena that impacts the flow of energy within our connecting “fiber-optic” occurs in orders of magnitude and relativity. Magnitude quantifies the intensity of chaotic movement within creation, and the force of response by nature. Relativity distinguishes the dynamics of interaction(s): human-to-human or human-to-nature. ”

Taylor, Rob. The Irreducible Primary: A Dialogue on Nature, Spirituality, and the Human Condition (pp. 72-74). Rob Taylor. Kindle Edition.