New Poetry Book Released

Scraps is Rob Taylor’s third poetry book and fourth overall. Taylor’s poetry is compelling in its examination of human relationships and the experiences that shape our perspectives. The dynamics underlying human conduct are easy prey for Taylor’s writing, exploring the influences of spiritual metaphysics, politics, religion, social injustice and love—spanning day-to-day human interactions that impact all of us. Ultimately, the poetry fleshes out our moment-to-moment choices that determine the health of our collective consciousness.

Taylor’s poems are constructed in diverse styles selected to match the energetic flow of the words.

The readers will find themselves on a fifty-one poems journey into personal emotions and insight, but also powerful messages empowering our capacity to author good outcomes based on our potential for love and reverence for each other.

“I wait alone for other souls
traversing this journey, and we
will discover higher places”

from the poem, If I Could, by Rob Taylor

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