My mind sometimes strays,
Random thoughts reflecting the
Never repeated patterns

Of maritime sands encircling
Aeon stones, undulant ridgelines
Impulsively shaped by tidal

Touches, suchlike mother’s
Womb devoutly etching hereditary
Codes of my fetal fingerprints

Into delicate minutiae of
Inimitable rareness indexed as I
Yet, Soul prevails undaunted

By these paltry mundanities,
Reserving all rights to determine
Me and satisfy my crave

For pulsating imperatives
Of symphonic immersions, waiting
In the deep waters of bodhi


Note: While certain characteristics of fingerprints are inherited, the defining details that give uniqueness to each fingerprint are actually created in the mother’s womb.

© Rob Taylor, 2018

“Spirituality is present solely because human beings exist. The synthesis of spirituality (the energy force of unconditional love) is the extraordinary purpose of the human species. A human being’s decision to opt out (of spiritual effort) does not imply a right to do so. Dodging spiritual responsibility is an act of indifference—or worse.”

Taylor, Rob. The Irreducible Primary: A Dialogue on Nature, Spirituality, and the Human Condition (p. 50). Rob Taylor. Kindle Edition.

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