I feel the false
Narratives spinning clear
And present deceits

That would tear
Away what remains of
My well-traveled

Life where one
Miscalculation would
Deny me audience

With the communal
Consciousness, leaving
Me in emptiness and

The same silence as
An unexplored relationship
Rendered to dust over

Words never spoken,
Another self-imposed barrier
To an uncharted future

Awaiting my presence
But the years behind me give
Solace to my journey

© Rob Taylor, 2018

“Spirituality is present solely because human beings exist. The synthesis of spirituality (the energy force of unconditional love) is the extraordinary purpose of the human species. A human being’s decision to opt out (of spiritual effort) does not imply a right to do so. Dodging spiritual responsibility is an act of indifference—or worse.”

Taylor, Rob. The Irreducible Primary: A Dialogue on Nature, Spirituality, and the Human Condition (p. 50). Rob Taylor. Kindle Edition.


8 thoughts on “Barrier”

  1. “… leaving Me in emptiness and The same silence as
    An unexplored relationship” … if people don’t want to see what is spread before them abundantly, they just want to see what they think they want in not realizing that they don’t dare to see something new and so they keep expecting the same things over and over again … and wonder why nothing ever changes … Beautiful poem, best wishes from Vienna! Silvia

    1. Very good observation, Silvia. It seems we’re consistently challenged trying to distinguish the difference between the forest and the trees. Thank you for your thoughts. ☮️

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