I explore the clouds
And shorelines between
Future dawns and

Sunsets, taunting waves
Or thermal coefficients with
Aerobatic stratagems born

From daring fearlessness,
But I have not yet discovered
The living peace of pure

Land sacredness where I
Might calm the storied wings
Of my restless soul

© Rob Taylor, 2018

“Spirituality is present solely because human beings exist. The synthesis of spirituality (the energy force of unconditional love) is the extraordinary purpose of the human species. A human being’s decision to opt out (of spiritual effort) does not imply a right to do so. Dodging spiritual responsibility is an act of indifference—or worse.”

Taylor, Rob. The Irreducible Primary: A Dialogue on Nature, Spirituality, and the Human Condition (p. 50). Rob Taylor. Kindle Edition.


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