Human parity is
Exposed in numbing
Plots of suffering,

The bitter hurts
With origins in depths
And magnitudes

We’re never willing
To grasp, though each
Future episode holds

More familiarity than
We should ever accept, a
Cold reveal of quixotic

Self-treachery, tempting
A journey for inner sanctity
Purging our disordered

Imaginations beyond
Polished books promising
Lofty states, or judicious

Orators of clever koans
Musing our thoughts into
Silent reflection, until

We escape the cycle
And listen intensely to what
Our souls are teaching us

© Rob Taylor, 2018

“We must not accept the proposition that a relationship with a government, political organization, religion, belief system, corporation, geographical border, or even family constitutes an irreducible primary. The irreducible primary is the human species, and this fact is firmly established by the unique composition and determinative influences of human beings relative to all that exists.”

Taylor, Rob. The Irreducible Primary: A Dialogue on Nature, Spirituality, and the Human Condition (p. 25). Rob Taylor. Kindle Edition.

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