We endure as dichroic
Mirrors, emitting specular
Reflections comprised

Of either-or energies
Incisively stimulated by
Deterministic sways

Inferred from heedful
Observances momentarily
Restrained in our minds,

But inevitably they
Break away, the unerring
Forces we breathe

Across our communal
Spaces, a metamorphosis
Of words and deed

Flowing from thoughts
We tried to own, catching rain
Drops with butterfly nets


© Rob Taylor, 2018

“We must not accept the proposition that a relationship with a government, political organization, religion, belief system, corporation, geographical border, or even family constitutes an irreducible primary. The irreducible primary is the human species, and this fact is firmly established by the unique composition and determinative influences of human beings relative to all that exists.”

Taylor, Rob. The Irreducible Primary: A Dialogue on Nature, Spirituality, and the Human Condition (p. 25). Rob Taylor. Kindle Edition.

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