New Books Released

For those of you who have been asking, my new books are finally released and are available here:

This process has been an interesting journey, particularly since I ran into some unresolvable problems with the initial publisher of The Irreducible Primary. The only satisfactory path to correct the issues was to re-edit, re-format, and re-publish, in concert with my two new poetry books. During this evolution, it became quite apparent to me that the self-publishing companies are not the best choice for writers looking to get their material published. I will be posting an informative article on this subject in November.

Once I settled on the process I wanted to pursue, Maria Gianna Iannucci agreed to project manage the three books. Maria is a skilled and intuitive book formatting and publishing partner. I recommend her services to anyone looking for a more writer-friendly experience to publish their book(s). But, as I said, I will write about this in more detail later.

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