My eternity plays
Out in a continuum of

Flashes I decipher
As multidimensional
Moments defying

Misplaced death
And life boundaries
As though either

Had equal standing
With a Planck length
Superstring, for

I am composed of
Chromodynamic particles
Not governed by

Beginning or end of
Life conjectures left to
Ordinary mortals

© Rob Taylor 2018, Noesis

“We must not accept the proposition that a relationship with a government, political organization, religion, belief system, corporation, geographical border, or even family constitutes an irreducible primary. The irreducible primary is the human species, and this fact is firmly established by the unique composition and determinative influences of human beings relative to all that exists.”

Taylor, Rob. The Irreducible Primary: A Dialogue on Nature, Spirituality, and the Human Condition (p. 25). Rob Taylor. Kindle Edition.


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