Nature has no arrogance
Yet affirms supreme freedom
Over episodes of decayed

Self-imagery, nor is Nature
Fain to dwell on complicacies
Spawned by disappearing

Reverent capacities only a
Human can own, in the secret
Silence of thought energy

© Rob Taylor 2018, Noesis 

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    1. We are the chaotic element upsetting the balance of nature; the only species that has the capacity to insert negative energies into the cosmos. The reason for this is not complicated. The human species does not value itself and has not evolved to unconditional love for each other. If we do not value and pursue a reverence for each other, we will never develop reverence for nature. Is it possible? Yes. When we learn to master our own energetic influences in each moment, we will also begin to comprehend our relationship to each other and nature.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. ☮️

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