Gravity impedes any
Escape from the frenzy
Of human madness

Wrought of wanton
Impertinence erratically
Arranging inevitable

Tragedies so grievously
Pervasive that gratitude
Cringes near terminal

Extinction scarcely
Tangible in shadowless
Edges of impending

Wastelands ostensibly
Avoidable when optioning
A pole shift hypothesis

For axial tilt variations
Rescripting our resolve to
Worship all life energy

© Rob Taylor 2018, Noesis 

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4 thoughts on “Madness”

    1. Yes, something was crashing my senses when taking this photo. This was an inadvertent encounter in the wild, about 25 feet from the cheetahs. Couldn’t pass-up on the shot despite my better judgement. 😉 Thank you, Eloise. ☮️

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