I aim to comprehend
Untenable immenseness
Felt in stark emptiness

While struggling with
My idiosyncratic instincts
Still not grasping what

I have yet to learn of
Unfathomable thresholds
Insomuch it has been

Inferred that salvation
Codes might be disclosed
Upon admission to an

Empyreal garden where
Entry is withheld until my
Death, constituting an

Existential dilemma
Between consciousness
Relativity and edicts

Of composed destinies
Where the soul overrules
Dogmatic arrogance

© Rob Taylor 2018, Noesis 

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2 thoughts on “Instincts”

  1. I don’t think we can ever be sure of anything. How can one be sure there is a soul? I don’t think there is. I do believe we are intelligent energy, but I could be wrong. How can we be sure that there is anything other that what we make up? I feel that some things are simply unknowable. We can’t know what lies on the other side of death. No one alive can (unless we know but it’s just not available to us). It’s impossible, at any rate. What/who are we? We make up the world and the things we believe, at least that’s how I see it. We just make it up as we go along. I have experienced things that make me believe there is MORE. Definitely. My life has been saved many times by invisible hands. But I don’t know who or what it was…I can only guess, or imagine. In other words, I can only make it up. I don’t try to figure it out because it would be like running on a mobius strip. It’s possible that what each individual believes, is exactly what she/he will find, after death. Maybe everything is personal. If people believe in heaven (I do not) perhaps each heaven is tailored to each specific person. We can’t know that it’s not. We can’t be sure that what we are experiencing is actually real. In a multiverse, anything can happen. We could be a prison planet, or someone’s science experiment. Our world is filled with lies and fantasy and that’s about it. We are so locked into our cultures, its brainwashing and conditioning, it’s almost impossible for anyone to see anything outside the cage we all live in, no matter how close to the edge we get. Is any of this important? Probably not because it takes us away from experiencing life and puts us into a never ending search mode. That is life, as well, of course, so it might be the way to go, even if there aren’t any answers. That’s what I learned after years of searching. I’m just living and when I die, that’s when I’ll find out what’s waiting for me. If it’s nothing…no problem. If it’s a person, I hope I have a gun and it works in that environment. Sadly, we may be stripped of our earthly emotions, and become boring, floating things that are simply reprogramed for something else. Still no freedom. What is freedom anyway? Have we ever experienced it, even in a different place? Another question we can’t answer and a word we can’t really define. If I can fight whatever set this mess up, I will. Because frankly I’m sick and tired of being played with, sick of all the people and animals suffering, sick of male domination and sick of all the ‘isms.’ If we are drugged, expunged of all of our feelings, I’ll try again some other time. I won’t give up. I know you’re a big believer in love. I’m not. It doesn’t get anyone anywhere. I believe in love but not as an answer to our global problems. The people who have made life a living hell for so many don’t know what love is, unless it’s for money and things. Love isn’t going to stop the never ending violence. Too many people are empty, or filled with hatred. Greed rules our rulers and they want war and death because there’s a profit in it. So love has no place here. I know you believe in unconditional love for all but that’s never going to happen and meanwhile people are dying. Some of us are fortunate enough to experience love on a person level (again…personal). I did. But you can’t force love onto people who don’t want it. I know you don’t feel the way I do…at all. But this is a waring planet filled with death and the dying. Our government is a war machine. We have no Peace Department. We manufacture and sell arms to everyone, even they will be used against our own men and women. Life exists but the beings on this planet are hypnotized and can’t think, or act, in anyway that will bring about positive change (assuming that the belief in an end to violence IS a positive change). Who knows, maybe we came here to experience violence and hatred. To watch water, air and earth be poisoned. To have children and never get their dead bodies back from foreign soil. To make enemies of nice people we never met but labeled ugly names so it makes it easier to kill them. Maybe this is the Theme Park for all of that and we’re having a good time. I guess we won’t know until it’s over. Thanks for taking the time to read through all of this. 🙂 Please don’t feel that you have to spend time answering this. I realize it’s VERY LONG. LOL You and I look at things very differently. Our experiences and world views play a part. Have a lovely day.

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