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    1. It is problematic that all imbalances are the product of the human species. The “working itself out” scenario means nature is sending us some clear warning signs. It’s very similar to the human immune system. Our bodies will fight to protect us from a disease. The cause and effect structure of nature will fight any threats to the natural balance in the cosmos. We have to understand our role as a species. Without the presence of human beings, there is no requirement for love, compassion, or gratitude. Those conducts are the energies we are supposed to bring into the cosmic system. As I state in my book, without the human species spirituality does not exist. We are the spiritual component of nature.

  1. “…. are feeling too much” of what?; some word seems to be left out in your comment. I guess it’s love. If it is, I say “yeah, me too”: the love seems a bit too tough — to me ; but I dare not question nature’s wisdom.

    1. We have to qualify terms like “nature’s wisdom.” Nature is a process of cause and effect relationships that respond to influences from other cause and effect relationships, i.e., those induced by human conduct. Nature is not a thinking process, but a condition of primal law. The province of thinking belongs to the human species and the primal law requires that we do our thinking based on the depth of love we have achieved. If our aggregate conduct (influencing energy) is contrary to the primal law, there cannot be a reasonable expectation that a mitigating response from nature will not occur.

      Since human conduct has consistently devolved over several millennia, we now experience more intensity in the responses from nature. Balance with nature (meaning the presence of love) presupposes we are no longer killing and enslaving each other, abusing our children, or destroying the environment. When we can climb out of our archaic belief systems, rise above the “I know everything” mentality, and openly demonstrate a desire for love of all humanity, then we might begin to understand how little we’ve learned. We’re still more interested in control, being judgmental, criticizing, and inserting our egos into waters that are much deeper than we’re prepared for.

      1. I agree.

        I too sometimes feel that most “acts of God” e.g Earthquakes, Tornados and the likes are merely natures way of palliating the effects of the “acts of man” e.g pollution — physical and energetic.

        “Since human conduct has consistently devolved over several millennia, we now experience more intensity in the responses from nature” : True.

        The problem is, man barely loves himself, and only destruction prevails in the absence of love.

        Perhaps, the appropriate message in these times, as it has ever been, is that man endeavors to Know Himself; this will solve these problems.

        Unfortunately, man seems to care for all other knowledge except this.

        Thanks Rob, for these insights.

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