Quantifying bliss we
Postulate happiness and
Depict successes

With cold-hearted
Dismissal of mass child
Starvation lingering

Like an unwanted
Afterthought for time
Is better spent

Defending dogs and
Such although our children
Pose higher value as

A cheap labor option
Which can be problematic
For supply is often

Undercut by demands
To fill expanding growth
Of sex slave markets

And only those
Under twelve will qualify
To service predatory

Cowards who stalk
The innocence of youth
While in retrospect

We question what could
Have been done differently to
Better hide our disregard

The growth of the child slavery market has increased immensely since my years in law enforcement. Below are links to a few recent news items that clarify the numbers of children affected. Get educated.

Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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