The Illusory Mind

We candidly attribute
Paucities to others
Observed as opposite

Our personal norms
Of comfort zones staked
As no trespassing turf

We spare no rhetoric
Or denunciation against
Professed indecency

But we’re lost to
The depth of vicissitude
We madly blend

Into intricate flows
Of shared consciousness
While It should be

Evident anger and
Hate are destructive
No matter the source

In equal quantum
Judgment which
No one will escape

The birds will fly
And the waves break
Upon the shore

Or, perhaps to the
Illusory mind it is only
The wind that moves

Disrupting thoughts (containing the harmful determinative emotions) from a single individual are similar to the pebble in the pond, in relation to the expanse of existence. Even so, by “throwing” the pebble, the disruptive thought creates a breach within the balance of Creation.

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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