Souls know no fear
Tending seeds of Light
Distant from their lesser egos

Yet, surveying the peripheral
Vista with curiosity and
Shrewd anticipation of

The ineluctable moment
When desire gives birth to
A plea for fulfillment

Beyond temporal
Anxieties into the temple
Where two become One

The choices of influence cause Human Beings to experience moment—to—moment fluctuations in our perceptions of being in control and not having any control. We traverse through situations of feeling pleasure or feeling displeasure. We have continuous cycles of desires for fulfillment and feel a complete lack of fulfillment. Clearly, the Human Being devotes an extraordinary amount of energy trying to maintain “control” while concurrently attempting to exist in conditions of uninterrupted “pleasure.” The ego battles the Soul in a play for dominance, only to discover they are One.

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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