My inner dialog is restless
Peace stays distant
And the winds grow cold

I am aging and struggle
With neglects to Nature
My Soul retreats to Great Mountain

Thoughts surrender to
Silence and words of Ancient
Ones who walked this path

Transformation hesitates on
Hindered choices for Consciousness
I am not a butterfly

As the egoistic tendencies fade, the sensory capability to distinguish different energy flows begins to mature. The result of this process, the conscious sensation of the actual flows of influencing energies, is so intense that the individual awakens to an alternate dimension of cause and effect structures.

The distinction between observing or reading about acts of hate, despair, or futility and experientially absorbing the energy flows of those conditions is magnitudinous. An individual thus evolved is so overwhelmed by an immense desire to eliminate these chaotic conditions, she or he instantly excites a previously non-existent force of energy within the flux of Human—to—Human and Human—to—Nature interactions.

The new energy force manifests as the first degree of Unconditional Love. This event is the threshold of Human evolution. The prime imperative is now to attain greater levels of intensity by which the individual will influence as a force of Unconditional Love.

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

12 thoughts on “Transformation”

  1. I agree with your particular “guy’s perspective”. Yes, it depends on the definition of success you subscribe to and your spiritual maturity I suppose. Being less greedy and more compassionate is a goal too. Our conflict with nature is also within ourselves. Your thoughts are delightful to read.

  2. Goals can be the equivalent of blinders. We should strive to balance the spiritual and material goals, but that is typically not the case.

    We are consumed by “success”. Not just any success….we have to have the ultimate success. Career, money, relationship, possessions, food. Spiritual considerations are not part of the calculation. Although, there is the attitude that a day a week in church will cover most of the the bets. It’s all very plastic.

    Goals are a functional necessity to build a comfortable life. There is a difference between comfort, obsession, and greediness. Our conflict with nature; over-consumption of natural resources, the deterioration of oceans, and pollution are all tied to achieving goals.

    But I’m just a guy with a guy’s perspective 😉

  3. Yes, it certainly has many layers. Failure more than the unknown what I seek to understand. I often fear, but walk forward anyway…this drive forward. What if there is no forward, no goal? We are conditioned and some spend the rest of their lives throwing off the shackles, peeling the layers as more bindings are added. I suppose all you can do is love the journey and stay connected to the silent potential beneath it all. I live for conversations like this.

  4. People fear aging, dying, failure, and the unknown. The metaphor, “honing the arrow” could be symbolic of numerous intents or actions. Perhaps, relative to fear, the metaphor suggests an effort to improve our understanding of what we fear. We do not understand death. Is it a dimensional shift or really an end? What exactly is aging? We know there is some process that occurs, but how much is self-induced? What if aging was different than what believe? Even science struggles with this question. A small percentage of people chase the unknown with no fear of what they might find. The majority avoid the unknown because they fear what might be found. We are conditioned to fear by our upbringing, religion, and government. A great many things can be understood in a moment, but the moments escape us.

    Thank you, Maria 😉 This is a discussion with many layers.

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