Distant Mirage


Captured images render
Earthly forms, omitting
Eternal substance

Souls dwell hidden
To witness inquisitions by
Trifling dogmatists who claim

Divine privilege as their
Extrinsic devotions embed
Premeditated fears

Orchestrating shades of
Incongruity that desecrate
The concentus of Life

Higher Consciousness is
Exiled for presupposed
Transgressions against the gods

Inevitability is never
Swindled and causality
Will have its way

Fringe horizons take form
In a distant mirage and
Beckon the new epilogue

The synergies between the Human Species and Nature exist in one of two formations: harmony or disharmony, i.e. peaceful or adversarial. If individuals or groups of Human Beings perpetrate opposing actions (violence, abuse, destructive thoughts) against other Human Beings, necessarily such acts will be committed against Nature. As long as Human Beings cannot make evident a life value for its species, it will be impossible to exhibit a life value for any other entity within Creation.

If the Human Species persists in the conduct of noxious energetic influences, the cause and effect responses from Nature will continue to explicitly demonstrate how little control the Human Being has over anything.

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011


  1. … how little control … yes. Why can’t we just love instead of always control everything and everybody? Did we loose the ability to love or did we never really have it and ought to learn what it means to love? Thank you and best wishes from Vienna!

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  2. Hedonism takes no thought of consequences, either personal or social. It is totally absorbed with the gratification of the self. When I am my own god everyone else, everything else is expendable. Self-absorption destroys whatever it touches, and in the end destroys itself. Thanks for the stimulating thoughts . . .

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