Free Spirits

The underlying symptom
With many conceals

Paralytic to
Those who awkwardly strayed from
Their inner sanctum

Shunning loneliness
While bartering against the
Intuitive hints

Innate warnings
Conclusively faultless but
Oftentimes ignored

Not by Free Spirits
An adagio of Souls
In pure counterpoise

To the restless terrains of
Discontented minds

Nothing can be negotiated during the spiritual journey. The Human Being is compelled to fulfill a structure of prerequisites that prepare her or him for each degree of spiritual movement. The pursuit of Truth is the quintessential β€œeither, or” scenario. Pretense, procrastination, or posturing merely contribute to the chaos. Just do the work, or not. The cause and effect outcomes will always reflect the choices of the Human Being.

The Irreducible Primary
Β© Rob Taylor, 2011

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