The Layered Society


Exiting stage left
Quick departure from the
Scenes of cruelty

Revolting against
Ruinous supremacy
Of stale oppressors

Who have no answers
Instead plotting caste systems
Eroding all Love

A vestige remains
Compassion is hostile to
Apathy’s decay

Defying paltry
Modalities that seduce
The layered society

The Human Being is in a perpetual state of being influenced by activities or interactions perceived as separate from, or external to the self. The individual sentient capacity to observe this dynamic process is restricted to the five physical senses, in the absence of a spiritually evolved inner structure. The inner structure, or depth of individual inner awareness, exists in a potential state until her or his mind becomes consciously engaged in the functionality of moment—to—moment choices that determine the quality of Human conduct.

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

10 thoughts on “The Layered Society”

  1. Love the multiple meanings of “layered” here…

    Deeply moved by the line: “compassion is hostile to Apathy’s decay” – just brilliant!

    And you are the second person to remind me (in the 20 minutes I’ve been up) that our conscious minds have the option of engaging and thus manipulating day-to-day reality. Hmm…

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